We are...

We tied the knot on 10 January 2008. It was Awal Muharram. We decided to have our solemnization that day untuk memulakan hidup baru, dalam tahun baru kalendar Islam.
We had our majlis bersanding at my Shah Alam house, then at Concorde Shah Alam.
We had our first honeymoon right after the majlis bertandang at Dewan Merak Kayangan.
By end of Febuary, we received the good news. Wasn't fully prepared, but we were truly happy with the news!
By October 7th, 2008, our precious Ashraf Danial finally pop out!
We have move 4 times since 2008! Banyak bukan? Him joining my family at Shah Alam, then we moved to PJ, then back to Shah Alam after little prince came out of the womb, then to Damansara Perdana! Phew.
There's only three of us now, Ashraf, Hubby and I. Please don't ask when will be the next one :) When we're ready, there will be more!

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